about me

Hi there. I am Eliza Campbell, a passionate bachelor of architecture student. Graduating with my undergraduate degree at the end of 2022, I wish to put what I have learned into practice and gain hands-on experience within a firm.

Growing up surrounded by beautiful beaches and national heritage parks, I’ve grown up surrounded by nature. When I design, I aim to integrate the users of the building more greatly with nature, increasing well-being and overall health. I have a passion for architecture that is people-focused, and environmentally and sustainably conscious.

My skills

I’ve many opportunities to grow and develop my leadership skills in a professional environment. Working on several student-led design proposals in Dalby and the Etheridge Shire in Queensland, I had the opportunity to mentor and lead first & second-year students. This involved delegating and managing tasks, mentoring & overseeing work. This experience was very beneficial and is applicable to working within a firm and team environment.
Furthermore, through my employment in retail, I was a shift leader at Ben & Jerry’s. I was running the day-to-day tasks within the store, in charge of training and managing the employees. This higher responsibility role was very beneficial as is taught me to be patient and direct when leading.

Teamwork is a very integral aspect of working within the building design industry and something I’ve developed through experience, volunteering & team sports. Volunteering for Parkrun, a weekly community-run timed 5km run, taught me a lot about the importance of teamwork. Relying on volunteers for the event, the effort and availability of each volunteer had a major impact on the event.

Self Management:
My studies at university have developed my skills in self-management significantly. Balancing work, full time study while maintaining an effective work-life balance was integral throughout my studies, yet through effective time-management and priotising tasks, I’ve developed effective self management skills.

Within studio classes at university. my skills in problem solving have been thoroughly tested. Challenging and contradictory sites & briefs have made for some interesting designs. Encouraging me to think out of the box and problem solve frequently.

After years of studying & working, I have found that in order to achieve something great or make a change, the first and most integral step is to make the effort. My work experience on several professional projects has all been a result of my initiative, to want to gain hands-on experience within the industry.