Etheridge Shire Tourism Masterplan

For this industry project, the council wanted a master plan for future infrastructure and developments to meet the growing tourism market demand. My primary role was creating a concept proposal for a cafe which was located with the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) located in the main town, Georgetown.

Connection to natural geological sites within the shire:
Inside the cafe, the design takes inspiration from the natural geological sites seen through the shire. The Lava tubes inspired the aluminium beams that curve where the walls meet the roof, creating a rounded and warm interior, reflecting the shape and feel of the lava tubes at Undara.
The Ted Elliot mineral collection inspired the tinted windows in various colours of crystals and minerals found in the local area. This plethora of colours creates a colourful yet light interior, making the users feel as though they are within the beautiful minerals.
The distinct red hue seen in the earth and termite mines throughout the shire will be reflected in the concrete finishes. Using the distinct earth as an aggregate will create a warm yet natural concrete finish, further connecting the cafe to the surrounding landscape and geography. The choice of rough and natural textures from plaster, and brick to concrete, will further enforce and reflect the natural beauty of Etheridge.

Connection to existing museum facilities & park:
A large open promenade around the building, ajoins with the existing building, creating a seamless integration of the cafe, while allowing it be free-standing. Additionally, the large stair seating allows for greater interaction with the adjoining park