Studio Four

The project brief for this project was to create a community centre in Southport, QLD. Located in a park and with a space for Able Australia’s local office operations. Due to the program and public aspect of the program, accessibility was a big consideration.

The concept of the Harbor was established for this project through the research of greater Southport and its identity as a marine centre. Surrounded by water and several marinas, Southport is the hub of Australia for the marine industry. Southport is known to have one of the worst crime rates on the coast. Due to this finding, the idea of a conceptual approach of a harbor was established, creating a need for the project to be a space in which the community within would be protected and sheltered. The form of the building is influenced by the concept and various precedents. For safety and protection, I wanted the building to be fully enclosed, which is where the long passageways were formed. These long and defined pathways mimic the form of the concrete pontoons evident in harbors. When revising the form, I repositioned the buildings so they were perpendicular to further represent the angular form of a harbor, and have a more efficient and accessible floor plan.

Maintaining the existing program of the ‘park typology’ was a big consideration. Due to the high density of the surrounding urban environment, the idea of a community vegetable garden and interior courtyards was formed, creating a more safe and more protective connection to the site within the building. A large portion of the exterior area of the site was left untouched to maintain this open park space for the community to utilise.