Studio Three

This project was largely influenced by the surrounding Queenslander homes in Paddington. The traditional white timber fencing observed in the area was the main design inspiration for the white timber slatting. Additionally, the concept of regrowth and ruins was founded on the lack of vegetation seen in the area. In the project, I wanted to incorporate the vegetation back into the urban landscape by integrating it into the built environment.

This project was aimed at creating a space that facilitates community, commercial and residential engagement. On a very small site, 8 shophouses needed to be included, creating retail shops which also connected directly to a residential apartment for the owners. The shophouses needed to be adaptable for a wide range of commercial purposes.

As this project is not only commercial and community-based but also for private residences, the need for a clear separation between private and public spaces was an essential aspect of the designing of the facade, landscaping, and floor plans. The public space is located on the lowermost floor, maximizing views of the city and nearby vegetation. The commercial shops are located on the ground floor, to maximize foot traffic and accessibility. Residential apartments are located on the first and second floors, to reduce noise